11-Day Greece Itinerary

Rugged mountains, exotic, pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, green valleys, quiet lakes, and lush forests – Greece has it all. It's mostly unique though, due to its unknown facets. It features medieval castles, an unexpected snowy mountain landscape in the winter, monasteries & churches, and music!

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Day 1 Highlights


Picture of Temple of Olympian Zeus

Temple of Olympian Zeus

The Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, also known as the Olympieion, was built over several centuries starting in 174 BCE and only finally completed by the Roman emperor Hadrian in 131 CE. Its unusually tall columns and ambitious layout made the temple one of the largest ever built in the ancient world.

Picture of Panathinaiko Stadium

Panathinaiko Stadium

Remains one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions and is a shining beacon of modern Athens. Following several transformations over its long history, it eventually became the home of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 and remains the only stadium in the world built entirely out of marble.

Picture of Acropolis


The most striking and complete ancient Greek monumental complex still existing in our times. It is situated on a hill of average height (156m) that rises in the basin of Athens.

Picture of Coco-mat Athens BC

Coco-mat Athens BC

Coco-mat Athens BC features a restaurant, seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and bar in Athens. A spa centre and a car rental service are available for guests.

Picture of Hytra Restaurant

Hytra Restaurant

Hytra Restaurant has developed its culinary identity based on the approach and the redefinition of the rich cultural heritage of Greek gastronomy by giving a contemporary expression in execution and the presentation of dishes.

Day 2 Highlights


Picture of Mt. Parnitha

Mt. Parnitha

The highest mountain in the vicinity of Athens. It extends in a large area, presenting variable topography with several summits, gorges, streams and plateaus.

Picture of Cape Sounion Sunset

Cape Saunion

The site of the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea in classical mythology. The remains are perched on the headland, surrounded on three sides by the sea. The view across the Aegean is magnificent, extending all the way to Kea and the Peloponnese on a clear day.

Picture of Glyfada


The largest suburb in South Athens located in the Athens Riviera. It is situated in the southern parts of the Athens' Urban Area. The area stretches from the foot of the Hmettus mountain to the Saronic Gulf.

Picture of Vouliagmeni


The only really green suburb that is situated at the beaches of Saronikos. Surrounded by hills that are full of pine trees and end to exquisite, sandy seashores and the clear blue sea, it is a source of life and recreation for its citizens and visitors.

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Day 3 Highlights


Picture of Museum of Ancient Greek Technology

Museum of Ancient Greek Technology

Get to know a relatively unknown aspect of Ancient Greek culture through the permanent exhibition “Ancient Greece – The Origins of Technologies” which includes approximately 100 selected exhibits, from the robot-servant and the "cinema" of Philon to the automatic theater of Heron, and from the Hydraulic Clock of Ktesibios to the Antikythera Mechanism.

At the same time, the same building houses the Museum of Ancient Greek Musical Instruments and Games with 42 fully functional, reassembled musical instruments.

Picture of Food Tour

Food Tour Athens

Discover a different side of the city by joining the Greeks in what is probably their favorite activity: eating! With so much on offer in a city that never stops cooking up great things, you’ll quickly come to feel the same way yourself, taking the experience one delicious bite at a time.

Picture of Museum of Illusions Athens

Museum of Illusions Athens

Experience 60 visual and interactive illusions, "infinity room", "inverted room", "chair illusion", "holograms" among others. Different visual illusions teach visitors how perceived reality is affected by science, vision, perspective, and other stimuli.

Picture of Fighter Jet F-16 Simulator

Fighter Jet F-16 Simulator

Features almost all functions of a real aircraft so you can experience first hand what it feels like to be a professional military pilot. The simulator makes it possible to reproduce some of the most dangerous missions and turn you around!

Experience the thrill of aerial maneuvers at Mach 2 (2450 km/hour) and air-to-air combat in an authentic military flight simulator.

Picture of Oroscopo


Specializes in Modern Greek Cuisine, Pizza & Pasta. Oroscopo Restaurant can satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Picture of Ancient Greek Theatre Performance

Ancient Greek Theatre Performance

A 60-minute show of ancient Greek theatre with a twist!

The director, Nancy Rigopoulou, has staged a unique performance that allows the spectators of every nationality to meet the deep, timeless messages of the ancient Greek civilization in the most entertaining and uncomplicating way.

Day 4 Highlights


Picture of Nea Kameni

Nea Kameni

A small uninhabited Greek island of volcanic origin located in the Aegean Sea, within the flooded Santorini caldera. Nea Kameni and the neighbouring small island Palea Kameni (the new and old burnt islands) have formed over the past two millennia through repeated eruptions of dacite lava and ash.

Picture of Thirassia Island

Thirassia Island

Thirassia is what Santorini used to be many years ago. There is nothing there beside peace and quiet. It is mostly visited by day trippers from Santorini, but if you go there for a few days you will be quickly part of the family.

Donkey Ride

The Island of Santorini has a long tradition in donkey riding. The local people were using these animals in order to transfer goods or as a mean of transportation around the Island. Although this practise has been abandoned a long time ago, donkeys still exist in Santorini as a nostalgic sign of the previous centuries.

Picture of Oia Sunset

Oia Sunset

The most picturesque settlement of Santorini, a lovely village with traditional character. It becomes even more staggering and idyllic when the sun is setting. There are charming white-washed houses, blue-domed churches and marvelous buildings with attuned colors that compose an entrancing scenery.

Picture of Avra Santorini Restaurant

Avra Santorini Restaurant

Unique yet authentic Greek flavors we re-created a part of the past by sharing a taste of our Greek heritage.

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Day 5 Highlights


Lost Atlantis Experience - Interactive Museum

Explore the first museum in the world dedicated to the myth of Lost Atlantis. Learn about the Minoan history of Santorini and the connection with Atlantis with the help of innovative technologies.

Picture of Fira Trail Hike

Fira Trail

The hiking trail from Fira to Oia is just under 10.5km (6.5 miles). Part of the path is similar to a sidewalk, parts are cobblestone, and parts are a dirt path. There is a good climb in both directions. Elevation along the route: Oia 130 meters; Imerovigli 350 meters (the highest point on the hike); Fira 270 meters.

Picture of Ammoudi Bay Cliff Jumping

Ammoudi Bay Cliff Jumping

A beautiful bay and small port located 200 steps below Oia. The bay is lined with terrific seafood restaurants, with the crystal clear waters lapping at table’s edge. Catamarans of all sizes bring tourists to see the volcano, swim in the hot springs, tour the caldera cliffs and beaches, and on wildly popular sunset cruises. 5 minutes walk past the last restaurant, a dirt path hooks around the corner to a great swimming spot, with a small island you can swim out to that has a popular ledge to jump off.

Metaxí Mas

Metaxí Mas

This is the best restaurant on Santorini with views of the Kamari Beach and the airport .

Tucked away from the crowds and off the beaten path, you will be amazed by the stunning views of the ocean and surrounding villages this restaurant offers.

Day 6 Highlights


White Beach

White Beach

White pebbled surrounded by white towering cliffs that form a beautiful, small cove and provide partial shade. This tiny beach is also composed of pumice stones and gray volcanic sand and pebbles, like the rest of the beaches in Santorini. The waters, of course, are inviting and crystal clear.

Red Beach

Red Beach

Santorini's Red Beach is one of the most unique beaches in Greece. The stretch of pebbly sand is surrounded by high, bright-red cliffs. It's not one of the most popular beaches on the island for sunbathing, but it's still worth a visit. A short walk from the Akrotiri archaeological site will take you directly here.

Ancient Lighthouse

Ancient Lighthouse

It is considered one of the best and most beautiful lighthouses in Cyclades. Attuned to the rest of the island, it is an admirable building with whitewashed walls standing on the edge of a high cliff right above the sea. It is, by all means, an idyllic setting.

Indian Rock

The Indian face Rock in the south part of the island, is a distinctive rock creation, which some liken to the profile of an Indian, while others see in it, the face of Spyridon Marinatos, the archaeologist who discovered the prehistoric site of Akrotiri.

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Day 7 Highlights


Picture of Makedonia Palace Hotel

Makedonia Palace Hotel

The most iconic hotel of Thessaloniki, right by the sea. Live the true luxury and enjoy the best gastronomic experience in town.

Picture of White Tower of Thessaloniki

White Tower of Thessaloniki

Undeniably the most popular monument in Thessaloniki and the trademark of the city. This famous landmark is connected to the city’s rich past and offers visitors captivating views of the area, including the Thermaic Gulf.

The Garden of Thermaikos

The Garden of Thermaikos

Gain a fresh perspective through this bohemian, new-age tavern that awakens your memories and nostalgia. A true gastronomic spot in the city center, just in front of the White Tower, famous for traditional Greek cooking, and a passionate chef, Panagiotis Kosmidis who is reinventing the classics.

Thessaloniki Waterfront picture

Thessaloniki Waterfront

Thessaloniki’s New Waterfront is key to this ancient city’s future. The city is working to make the waterfront park the centerpiece in an effort to transform the city’s economy.

Picture of Arch of Galerius

Arch of Galerius

The triumphal arch was a type of monument of Roman architecture. Built by the city of Thessaloniki between 298 and 305 A.D. to commemorate Galerius’ victorious campaign against the Persians.

Aristotelous Square picture

Aristotelous Square

The main city square of Thessaloniki, Greece and is located on Nikis avenue, in the city center. It was designed by French architect Ernest Hébrard in 1918, but most of the square was built in the 1950s.

Grada nuevo picture

Grada nuevo

Specialing in Mediterranean cuisine. Its menu is mainly made with greek materials of high-quality meat and fresh seafood and fish. Some of its famous dishes are the tuna tartar with ginger and lime, beef carpaccio with parmesan and truffle oil and oxtail served on a bed of smoked aubergine puree. The restaurant offers both traditional and gourmet choices. The atmosphere is cozy but luxurious, with mirrors and special wallpapers on the walls.

Day 8 Highlights


Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

History magically unfolds in the museum halls revealing precious treasures made of gold, unique works of art and everyday objects from prehistory to late antiquity.

Church of Agios Pavlos

Church of Agios Pavlos

A jewel for Ikaria, which is not very well known! It is a small church, aisled, where two marble slabs are standing, separating the sanctuary from the main temple. It is one of the oldest churches on the island, with elaborate frescoes.

Church of St. Demetrios

Church of St. Demetrios

This church houses some spectacular Byzantine mosaics that have been restored depicting Agios Dimitrios and the children of the city. The crypt of the saint, accessed by a staircase behind the sanctuary, is said to be the site where the saint was killed by the Roman soldiers and buried. His crypt was converted into an exhibition area in 1988, hosting articles that survived the 5th-century fire, like sculptures, vessels, and other decorative items.

Opsopoion Maganeiai

Opsopoion Maganeiai

It is characterized as a “small gem”, with superb service and unique atmosphere. Enjoy a rich and concentrated version of Mediterranean cuisine, with beautifully executed classics like pastas and risottos, and perfectly cooked special cuts of meat – that’s if you do manage to find a table (by booking by phone days in advance).

Day 9 Highlights


Rocca a Mare Fortress

Rocca a Mare Fortress

The imposing medieval fortress of Koules still stands at the beginning of the western breakwater of the modern port of Heraklion. Its real name is Rocca al Mare, named so by its Venetian founders. Koules, or the Great Koules like it is called, was not the sole ruler of the port.



Located in the city of Heraklion serving exclusively authentic Cretan cuisine, offering the ultimate culinary experience. It's almost impossible to overstate how good Peskesi's resurrected, slow-cooked Cretan dishes are, nor the beauty of the revamped Venetian villa in which you'll partake of them: this is Crete's finest culinary moment.

Day 10 Highlights


Diktaion Andron

Diktaion Andron

This cave is believed to be the birthplace of the Greek God Zeus and is visited by hundreds of curious tourists every day. You can explore the inside of this cave on the stone stairs that have been carved out to facilitate movement. On the outside, this cave is part of a trekking trails that is a preferred hike for many climbers and nature lovers. Other than hiking, you can also try mountain biking and off-road jeep riding here. Diktean Cave and the adjoining mountains offer canyoning and caving activities for those who seek adventure and adrenaline rush.

Panagia Kera

Panagia Kera

One of the most popular Byzantine monuments in Crete (13th- 14th A.D.) is located in Logari, one kilometre east of Kritsa. This triple-nave Byzantine church is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, to Saint Anthony and Saint Anna. It is adorned with superb wall paintings on particular themes like the representation of Saint Anna, other icons of the saints, and the fourteen scenes depicting the secret life of the Virgin Mary.

Lake Voulismeni

Lake Voulismeni

A beautiful lake in the center of Agios Nikolaos. The water is the landmark of Agios Nikolaos, almost all holiday makers walk once around the Voulismeni Lake.
The lake is almost circular and has a diameter of about 130 meters. On the front, there are more than 10 restaurants and cafes on a beautiful promenade.

Day 11 Highlights


Preveli Beach

Preveli Beach

It is certainly the most famous beach in south Crete, accepting thousands of visitors every summer. During the '60s and '70s, it was a favorite destination for the hippies. On the banks of the Grand River there is a large colony of Theophrastus palm trees, which give the region a sense of a tropical landscape. The river, forming a small lake, 500m long, before emptying into the sea, has water all year round. You can walk along the river, under the shade of palm trees and other trees, and start ascending in the beautiful canyon. You can swim in the cold ponds formed in the gorge.

Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi Beach

Known for its white and pink sand. Heaven on earth, that’s it, no more words to describe it. The pink Elafonissi Beach has been constantly ranked as one of the most beautiful in the world, and for a good reason, it’s truly amazing and unique.

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