Philippines Itinerary

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7 Days in Philippines

There are about 7,641 islands in the Phillippines but just 26% of them are inhabited and the rest are unnamed. White-sand beaches🏝, swimming with whale sharks🦈, boiling yet rejuvenating baths in the mountains🧖🏻‍♀️, mermaid 🧜🏼‍♀️ swimming (yes, mermaid)....It's everyone's favorite holiday spot for a reason!

Day 1 Highlights

Oslob & Dalaguete, Cebu

Sample picture of Whale Shark Swimming

Whale Shark Swimming

Snorkel alongside whale sharks! In Oslob, you can get in the water and witness these graceful giants swim by. Participate in shark feeding and explore surrounding coral reefs.

Sample picture of Osmeña Peak

Osmeña Peak

Welcome the sunset and the sunrise at Cebu's highest mountain from which you can get stunning 360-degree views of Cebu island. Enjoy the cold mountain breeze and do stargazing at night! You may bring your own camping gears or simply rent some at the entrance before hiking.

Sample picture of Radisson Blu

Raddison Blu

Feel the difference at Radisson Blu! Set in a prime location, you really do get 5 star treatment here!

Sample picture of STK Ta Bay

STK ta Bai sa Paolito's Seafood House

Old converted home, with plenty of memorabilia dating back to the early 1900’s. The restaurant specialises in Filipino, barbeque and seafood. STK stands for a local way of cooking food (grilled, sour soup and pickled).

The restaurant’s specialty is the Tuna Panga (jaw of the tuna) which they Barbeque at the front of the restaurant. This is well worth trying out, as is the baked scallops (if you like things sweet). There are plenty of other seafood dishes as well as local ones. For those with a sweet tooth there are ample desserts to choose from.

Day 2 Highlights

Badian, Cebu

Sample picture of Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is a three-stage cascade of clear turquoise water from mountain springs located in the jungles of the Cebu island. The waterfall is considered as a pearl of the Philippines. But in order to get a pleasure of nature, you need to get away from tourist spots and to find a hidden lagoon.

Sample picture of Canyoneering


All the best elements of rappelling, scrambling, rock hopping, down climbing, navigation and cliff jumping, water slides and swimming combined into one exceptionally fun and exciting activity.

Sample picture of Carcar Lechon Market

Carcar Lechon Market

Crispy roasted pig! This market is built solely to cater to hungry locals and tourists craving Lechon (roasted pig). Surely, the best lechon in Cebu!

Day 3 Highlights


Sample picture of Kawa Hot Bath

Kawa Hot Bath

Submerge yourself in a huge pot over the fire. Before being used for hot baths, kawas were used to cook muscovado sugar. But because it wasn’t profitable, they stopped. Later on, the kawas proved useful as hot baths, also known as natural jacuzzis.

Sample picture of Fish Spa

Fish Spa

Relieve your tired and calloused feet by paying a visit to the Tibiao Fish Spa. The experience is sure to rejuvenate your weary feet, relax your senses, and make for an interesting story to share to all your friends. Definitely not for the ticklish feet!

Sample picture of River Tubing

River Tubing

Sit on a donut-shaped inner tube, riding un-tethered and left to the control of the river's current. Lie down, relax, and let the movement of the water send your consciousness to a Zen state of mind.

Sample picture of Kayak Inn

Kawa Inn

Offers rustic rooms that will appeal to nature-lovers and those looking for a place to base for their outdoor eco-adventures. Themed native rooms showcase the banig (traditional hand-woven sleeping mat), sadok (wide-brimmed hat made of palm leaves) and abaca (a type of textile native to the Philippines).

Sample picture of Tibiao Bakery

Tibiao Bakery

Freshly baked bread and treats to kick start your day! The first and most popular bakery in Tibiao!

Day 4 Highlights


Sample picture of Seco Island

Seco Island

This elbow-shaped island takes after its name "Seco" which means elbow. It basically looks like a clump of fine white sand dumped in the middle of the ocean, with just a handful of trees and shrubs somewhere on the side. The best thing about Seco is its white sand beaches. It’s perfect for picture taking, beach bumming, and generally just relaxing after a long boat ride. If you’re a kite surfer, you would love it, too.

Sample picture of Seco Island Cruise

Seco Island Cruise

Seco Island is a paradise for kitesurfing. It is only a tiny island (400 m x 100 m) in the Sulu Sea, 50 km west of Panay. But despite its size, it has great kiting conditions, delicious food, fantastic sunsets and star-filled night skies. Sunsets are amazing too making this the perfect dream spot.

Day 5 Highlights


Sample picture of Malalison Island

Malalison Island

Beautiful clear waters, pebble beach on one side of the island, spectacular view of its rolling hills, white sandbar, and hospitable people - this is what the gem of Culasi offers.

Day 6 Highlights

Boracay Island

Sample picture of Mermaid Swimming

Mermaid Swimming

Be a mythical mermaid for a day in Boracay and sign up for a unique cosplay experience like no other. Embrace the fantastic transformation, learn to swim like a fish with your mermaid tail, and snap photos you’ll want to share in this unforgettable Boracay experience!

Sample picture of Cliff Diving

Cliff Diving

Test your bravery with nine different diving boards and platforms ranging from 3 meters to 15 meters. Take a leap of faith and plunge into the beautiful waters of Boracay at one of the world's top cliff diving destinations. Located on the edge of a fishing village, Ariel's Point boasts lush tropical forests, clear turquoise waters, abundant marine life and volcanic rock formations.

Sample picture of Reverse Bungy

Reverse Bungy

Blast off into the sky 60 meters above sea level at a speed of up to 200kph in a safe, secure, and comfortable ride.

Sample picture of Mañana


Mexican delicacies and cuisines. Traditional and modern recipes are available. Some of the top favorites are the Tortillas de Papas, Frijoles Refritos and the Manana Combination.

If you want to get a taste of genuine Mexican food, there is plenty available. Nachos, burritos and of course, tacos are well stocked. While they serve traditional meals, the site adds their own unique twist to the recipes. There are also plenty of drinks being added you so will find the right one to quench your thirst.

Sample picture of Paraw Sailing

Paraw Sailing

Relax and take in stunning tropical views as you glide along Boracay on the island's signature boat. Make sure you do this activity during sunset!

Sample picture of Le Soleil de Boracay

Le Soleil de Boracay

An amazing place that's big on sustainability and has adopted greener practices.

Day 7 Highlights

Boracay Island

Sample picture of Parasailing


Observe the beauty of Boracay's coastline from high up.

Sample picture of Helmet Diving

Helmet Diving

Stroll along the ocean floor and marvel at the colorful and exciting marine life on the ocean floor! Not a swimmer? No worries! Helmet diving does not require any swimming prowess or complicated gear. Just walk normally as you do above water and enjoy an up-close look at the incredible marine life

Sample picture of Fly Fish

Fly Fish

Wind in your hair, drops of seawater on your face and laughter all around – Flyfish Boracay is a great experience for the whole family. Rip through the waves as your raft is pulled by a speedboat and feel a true adrenaline rush.

Sample picture of ATV


Make your pulse pound and your mind thrill with excitement with Boracay's ATV experience!

Sample picture of UFO/Hurricane Activity

UFO/Hurricane Activity

Rip through waves on your inflatable spaceship while being pulled by a speedboat at 30kph. Choose between the UFO or Hurricane inflatables, depending on how you want to be swept, twirled, or pulled by the speedboat!

Sample picture of Jet Ski

Jet Ski

Observe the beauty of Boracay's coastline from high up. Feel the adrenaline rush as you speed along Boracay's pristine waters! Be in control of the speed of your jet ski and choose between a calm ride or a thrilling experience.

Sample picture of Jollibee


The most iconic fast-food chain in the Philippines. No trip is complete without stopping by at this restaurant.