Vietnam Itinerary

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7 Days in Vietnam

From foodies (pho is a must-try!!) and beach hoppers to art and culture buffs and adventure seekers, Vietnam has something to offer everyone. You can stick your toes in the sand at one of its beaches in the morning and visit a UNESCO heritage site a little later in the day. There's just something for everyone here to fit in the itinerary easily.



Day 1 Highlights

Ha Long Bay

Picture of Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot Cave is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Halong Bay. Located in Bo Hon Island, Sung Sot Cave is a place where many rocky islands concentrated having distinct and strange shapes, which cannot find in other ones.

Picture of Titop or Soi Sim island

Ti Top Island

Ti Top island is located about 14 kilometers to the east of Bai Chay tourist harbor. It has a beach that is shaped like a crescent moon and known for its tranquillity and beautiful still blue waters. The sands of the beach have been dyed white by the ocean's surf creating a perfect picture of paradise.

Day 2 Highlights

Ha Long Bay

Picture of Trung Trang Cave

Trung Trang Cave

Fly around the temples of Angkor, lush jungles, floating villages, and flooded forests in a Microlight Aircraft.

Cambodia’s incredible landscape is covered with unspoiled natural beauty, splendid rice fields, palm trees, countryside with mountains in the background, empty beaches, bustling markets, vibrant cities and the largest set of ancient temples in the world forming a harmonious whole. Above all this, its people, their charm and warm-hearted hospitality. Adventure the Ancient Kingdom from the Sky!

Picture of Pearl Farm Village

Pearl Farm Village

In 1995, a Japanese owned pearl farm opened in Halong Bay close to Sung Sot Cave. When the business was doing well and it had proved its success, the farm was sold to new Vietnamese owners. The pearl farm is now owned by Halong Pearl Joint Stock Company. The pearls grow all year round and the farm has a permanent population of 15 people. In total the farm employs 40 people from all over the country. The farm is 74 acres and consists of roughly 3000 cages. When visiting the farm you’ll be able to see how long it takes for pearls to grow, harvested and extracted. You’ll come to find that pearl farming is an excruciatingly slow process.

Picture of Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park is located 15km north - west of Cat Ba Town. It was established in 1986. It spans an area of 15,200ha, of which 9,800ha are forest, and contains lots of particularly interesting caves. The original tropical forest spans an area of 570ha, with extremely varied wildlife and vegetation.

Day 3 Highlights

Cat Ba Island

Picture of Monkey Island

Monkey Island

Monkey Island Cat Ba is home to 2 arc-shaped beaches, namely Cat Dua 1 Beach and Cat Dua 2 Beach. This is an ideal venue for swimming for tourists when participating in Cat Ba tour thanks to its extremely blue and fresh water.

Picture of Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is the lesser-known, but no less beautiful, neighbour of Ha Long. Made up of 400 limestone cliffs dotted throughout its ethereal green waters lined with white sandy beaches, it's definitely worth checking out this secluded bay when visiting Northern Vietnam!

Picture of Duong Dining

Duong Dining

Feast on delicious Vietnamese cuisine at Duong Dining Restaurant, located in the center of the Hanoi Old Quarter. Dine on fresh Vietnamese seafood in the set meal. Enjoy Vietnamese cuisine in a cozy space with warm colors. Savor courses of tender meats and seafood, fermented dishes, and sweet dessert.

Day 4 Highlights

Ninh Binh

Picture of Tam Coc

Tam Coc

A stunning stretch of flat landscape, with hundreds of limestone karsts towering above calm rice paddies. As a result, it’s no surprise that the area has been nicknamed the ‘Ha Long Bay on land’. Tam Coc is the perfect rural retreat and an ideal place to unwind after your lively travels in Hanoi. So enjoy going back to the beautiful basics of natural living!

Picture of Bich Dong Cave

Bich Dong Cave

Bich Dong pagoda is one of the most attractive landmark in Ninh Binh. It is also known as the second beautiful cave of the Southern, after Huong Tich cave in Ha Tay.

Picture of Madam Tran Restaurant

Madam Tran Restaurant

Best of traditional Vietnamese Cuisine and International Dishes of (European, Asian, Italian) including vegetarian and original menu all at a very affordable price. Their skilled kitchen team sources only the freshest and finest ingredients to guarantee the high standard. They serve the best Vietnamese coffee and freshest fruits in Vietnam.

Day 5 Highlights

Da Nang

Picture of Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda

The highest statue in Vietnam, measuring 67 meters in height and 35 meters in diameter at its base. The Lady Buddha Statue in Vietnam created a wonderful place where visitors can free their mind. Linh Ung's not only just a religious place, but it is also one of the most visited attractions in the city of Danang.

Picture of Ba Na Hills Cable Car

Ba Na Hills Cable Car

Holds the world record for longest non-stop single track cable car at 5,801 metres (19,032 ft) in length.[2] Its latest tourist attraction is the Golden Bridge (Cầu Vàng).

Picture of French Village

French Village

French Village at Sun World Ba Na Hills is a replica of classical and romantic France in our fantasy, through a string of peculiar architectural clusters: the square, cathedral, town, village and inns… Travelers to the French Village seemto jump the time machine and get carried back to the sophisticated and elegant life in one of the oldest countries of the world.

Picture of Wax Museum

Wax Museum

The wax museum of Sun World Ba Na Hills is the first of its kind in Vietnam, displaying fantastic wax figures of various celebrities worldwide from different areas, such as cinema stars, music stars, sport legends and politicians… Each statue is a sophisticated artwork of wax crafted by Italian craftsmen.

Picture of Golden Bridge

Golden Bridge

Nested at the height of 1,414m from the sea level, the Golden Bridge is no less than an iconic architectural wonder that envisages the sash-like route across the heaven. Spanning nearly 150m long in the Paradise Garden, thisbridge is regarded as a special transit stop to deliver visitors from the mountain foot or the French Village to La Jardin D’Amour Gardens. The bridge measures 12.8m wide and nearly 150m long and comprises 8 arches, the longest of which is 21.2m.

Day 6 Highlights

Ho Chi Minh

Picture of The Myst Dong Khoi

The Myst Dong Khoi

Featuring classic contemporary interiors and designs, The Myst Dong Khoi offers a sophisticated accommodation in the heart of District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City. Guests can enjoy a relaxing dip in the rooftop pool, or simply enjoy views of city by the Saigon River from the pool deck.

Picture of Ao Dai Rental

Ao Dai Rental

The Ao Dai is the traditional dress of Vietnamese women. It consists of a long silk tunic that slits on the sides and worn over loose pants. Both men and women can wear this national costume, too. Book this experience via Klook and wander the streets of Ho Chi Minh while wearing this stunning attire. After finding your match, you can check some attractions in Ao Dai like Reunification Palace, Central Post Office, etc., and take as many photos as you want. Choose from various collection of Ao Dai and be assisted by a professional stylist.

Picture of Giac Lam Pagoda

Giac Lam Pagoda

The oldest Buddhist temple in Ho Chi Minh City and as such was listed as an important historical site by the Vietnamese Department of Culture in 1988.

Picture of War Remnants Museum

War Remnants Museum

Holds an extensive collection of documents, photographs, and films — more than 20,000 items — that tells about the consequences of war to Vietnam and its people. The ambiance in the museum is somber and poignant — even though the exhibit is widely publicised, tourists often get to hear stories of war from Viets who lived to tell their tales. Considered as one of the cultural sights in Vietnam, this attraction is nothing short of compelling — though disturbing, the photos and details of the war in Vietnam found in this museum would surely ignite feelings of admiration and respect for this resilient country.

Picture of Saigon Skydeck

Saigon Skydeck

Board a high-speed elevator up to the Saigon Skydeck inside Ho Chi Minh City's tallest building and Get an amazing 360-degree view from the very center of the city. Learn more about the city from the informative touch screens and long-range binoculars. Be cultured as you walk through the Ao Dai Gallery and learn its unique history

Picture of Saigon Opera House

Saigon Opera House

Don't miss out on Vietnam's own version of Cirque du Soleil, the A O Show - a spectacular production that pays tribute to Vietnamese roots and showcases developing contemporary cities in one amazing show! Travel to the historical Saigon Opera House in Ho Chi Minh and enjoy a night of theatrical visual arts amid the beauty of the theater's European style decor. See a mix of contemporary dance, acrobatics, bamboo work, and more as live music echoes Southern Vietnamese work songs. You'll find yourself totally enraptured at the fascinating performance that highlights the best of both old and new Vietnam.

Picture of Saigon by Night Scooter Tour

Saigon by Night Scooter Tour

Experience the lively nightlife of Vietnam in this one-of-a-kind exploration of Ho Chi Minh City. Hop on a scooter and journey across the city with the help of your local English-speaking guide and try a variety of local dishes including grilled pork with rice noodles, a refreshing sugarcane juice, and more!

Visit a local rooftop bar where you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view of Ho Chi Minh while enjoying an ice-cold beer!

Day 7 Highlights

Ho Chi Minh

Picture of Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels

Embark on a historical adventure to Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh! Discover the hidden underground world of the Cu Chi Tunnels and learn how the Vietnamese people survived the harsh conditions of the Vietnam war. Uncover the history behind the country’s culture and the stories of how the complicated networks of tunnels came to life.

Picture of My Tho City

My Tho City

Visit My Tho City and take a short bicycle ride around the village to meet its people. Hop aboard a relaxing cruise along My Tho River (Mekong Delta) and bask in the light breeze from the river as you witness the area’s scenic beauty. Get a glimpse of 4 beautiful islands; the Dragon, Unicorn, Phoenix and Tortoise Islands, along the way then make a stop at a local coconut candy workshop, and get to indulge in fresh seasonal fruits complemented by honey or fruit tea. Finally, have the chance to watch an authentic Southern Vietnamese folk music performance performed by the locals.

Picture of Ben Thanh Night Market

Ben Thanh Night Market

One of the famous night markets and also one of the earliest surviving structures in Saigon and an important symbol of the city. Ben Thanh Market is a famous destination for many local and foreign tourists from all around the world. The market operates all year round and opens at around 6am} every day until the official closing time at 6pm. After 6pm, the day market transitions into a night market which runs until 10pm.