Portugal Itinerary

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8 Days in Portugal

With rich and varied land of vibrant cities and traditional villages, you will be astounded by the country’s spectacular beaches, world-renowned cuisine, and natural landscapes. In fact, they have multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites that will leave you dumbfounded!

What more? They are building a Digital Nomad Village that will soon be a utopia for remote workers. Portugal truly has it all. If you're traveling to Europe, this one is not to miss!

Day 1 Highlights


Picture of Miradouro da Senhora do Monte

Miradouro da Senhora do Monte

Lisbon spreads out before you at Graça’s highest of the high, Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. Come for the relaxed vibe and the best views of the castle on the hill opposite. Perched upon a hillside in the Graca neighbourhood, Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, (Our Lady of the Hill), looks out over Lisbon and is the city's highest lookout point or miradouro.

Picture of Rossio (Pedro IV) Square

Rossio (Pedro IV) Square

The Portuguese take pride in their great square with its nauseating stone paving, grand fountains, and the statue of (supposedly) Dom Pedro IV.The main central square of Lisbon and the true heart of the city. The Portuguese take pride in their great square with its nauseating stone paving, grand fountains, and the statue of (supposedly) DomPedro IV.

Costa da Caparica

Stunning 26km coastline of glorious sandy beaches, powerful Atlantic waves, and beautiful natural scenery, that extends along the western side of the Setubal Peninsula.

Picture of O Mercado

O Mercado

Seafood lovers, this restaurant is for you! Dine and taste the catch of the day. They only serve fresh seafood on their menus.

Day 2 Highlights


Picture of Sintra Forest

Sintra Forest

Sintra is a major tourist destination in Portugal, famed for its picturesqueness and its historic palaces and castles. The area includes the Sintra-Cascais Nature Park through which the Sintra Mountains run.

Picture of Guancho Coast

Guincho Coast

The beach, which has a shoreline of approximately 800 meters, has preferred surfing conditions and is popular for surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. Strong northern winds are predominant during summertime (June–August) as well as smaller north-west swells, making this beach ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Picture of Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca

Marks the westernmost point of mainland Europe. Its impressive cliffs reach up to 140m above sea level and the stunning view over the Atlantic ocean gives a real end-of-the-world feeling. 16th-century Portuguese poet Luis de Camoes honored Cabo da Roca as the place "where the land ends and the sea begins".

Picture of Praia da Ursa

Praia da Ursa

Located close to Cabo da Roca cape, Ursa Beach is reached via dirt track along a twisting and steep route right through to this calm and sparsely populated beach. The strains of the route are more than justified by the superb landscape that awaits with the enormous rock formations dominating the beach.

Picture of Parque de Monserrate

Parque de Monserrate

One of the most beautiful architectural and landscape Romantic creations in Portugal: the Park and Palace of Monserrate, unique representatives of 19th-century eclecticism. The Palace combines gothic and Indian influences as well as Moorish suggestions together with exotic and plant motifs which are harmoniously extended to the exterior. The gardens have received species from all corners of the world, which were planted according to their geographical origin. The front lawn of the Palace provides a well-deserved rest while discovering one of the richest Portuguese botanical gardens.

Picture of Quinta da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira

Classified as World Heritage by UNESCO and built at the turn of the 20th century, this romantic architectural complex is comprised of a Palace, a Chapel, and gardens with grottos.

Picture of Tascantiga


Nestled along a staircase thoroughfare just above Sintra's lovely 14th-century Pipa Fountain, this newcomer puts a little more love into its traditional petiscos than the next guy, serving well-presented and modern takes on traditional small plates. The grilled portobello mushroom smothered in arugula, smoked ham and São Jorge cheese stands out, but it's hard to go wrong whatever you choose.

Day 3 Highlights


Picture of Praca

Praça do Comércio

Praça do Comércio, Commerce Square in English, is Lisbon's main square. It was built on the site where the old Royal Palace used to exist before it was destroyed by the earthquake of 1755. The southern end of the plaza is open and looks out onto the Tagus River.

Picture of Panteao Nacional

Panteao Nacional

A beautiful and unique church that acts as the national pantheon of Portugal and the final burial location for many important Portuguese. The church is situated in the Alfama district of Lisbon and the massive white dome is a prominent feature of the skyline of eastern Lisbon.

Picture of Alfama


Alfama is the oldest district of Lisbon. Its name comes from the Arabic word al-hamma, which refers to baths and fountains. During the Muslim domain, between the years 711 to 1147, Alfama do Alto – “High Alfama” was occupied by the rich.

Picture of Sé de Lisboa (Igreja de Santa Maria Maior)

Sé de Lisboa (Igreja de Santa Maria Maior)

The Lisbon Cathedral often called simply the Sé, is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in Lisbon, Portugal. The oldest church in the city is the seat of the Patriarchate of Lisbon. Built in 1147, the cathedral has survived many earthquakes and has been modified, renovated, and restored several times.

Picture of Jeronimos Monastery

Jeronimos Monastery

A World Heritage monument; Vasco da Gama's resting place. A most impressive symbol of Portugal's power and wealth during the Age of Discovery.

Picture of Belém Tower

Belém Tower

500 years of history. One of the most remarkable monuments in Lisbon and Portugal, a landmark of Portuguese identity and a symbol of a country facing the sea and its discoveries. Its long history is made of several episodes marked by the different uses it has been given by time come a discover 500 years of Portuguese history through this exhibition.

Picture of Feitoria


One Michelin Star restaurant with high-quality cooking. Definitely worth a stop! Portuguese fare served in a light-filled, white-tablecloth space at the Altis Belém Hotel.

Day 4 Highlights


Picture of Lisbon Street Art Tour

Lisbon Street Art Tour

Immerse yourself into the history, styles, and techniques of many (inter)national street artists. Gain knowledge and be aware about the political, economic, and social issues that give rise to Lisbon’s street art and graffiti. Enjoy & participate in a cultural and immersive dialogue based on the edutainment principle, which means having fun while learning something new.

Picture of Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

Houses the remarkable private collection of Calouste Gulbenkian. The building was constructed in keeping with the most modern concepts of museum architecture, designed in such a way as to remain in close harmony with the surrounding park. The visit to the museum includes sections on Egyptian Art, Graeco-Roman Art, Islamic Art, European Painting, and the remarkable collection of pieces of jewelry designed by René Lalique.

Picture of Rua Garrett

Rua Garrett

The cultural and shopping mecca of Lisbon is undisputedly the Chiado Lisbon area, whose elegant street 'Rua Garrett' has been placed along with other glamorous.

Day 5 Highlights


Picture of Les Suites at the Cliff Bay

Les Suites at the Cliff Bay

A five-star hotel on the island of Madeira. With its 23 luxury suites, it promises an experience that brings together comfort, tranquillity, and history in its elegant and exclusive suites and a new dining concept, Avista. Two century-old houses and a new wing set in lush gardens with amazing views offer you a dream stay. The buildings are connected by beautiful gardens with an infinity pool and unique views of the sea and the famous Funchal bay.

Picture of Parque Natural da Madeira

Parque Natural da Madeira

This archipelago part of the Macaronesian biogeographical region contains a natural heritage of extreme scientific importance: the native forest of Madeira (Laurissilva), which was recognized by UNESCO in 1999 as World Natural Heritage, a unique distinction in Portugal, and now the bio-cultural property of all humankind.

Picture of Laurel Forest

Laurel Forest

Sweeping across much of the northern and central parts of Madeira island in the Atlantic, the world’s largest remaining expanse of primeval laurel forest not only dates back to the dinosaurs but has somehow survived almost six hundred years of human habitation. Believed to consist of up to 90 percent primary forest, the densely-wooded Floresta laurisilva (as it is known in Portugal) covers 15,000 hectares and contains a unique collection of plants and animals!

Picture of Leeno's Restaurant and Bar

Leeno's Restaurant and Bar

Located at the seafront of the Lido (Funchal) Leeno's is a small restaurant that is run by a team of young men who are focused to offer their clients a welcoming experience. Heart warming service and good food that is accessible to all people (locals and tourists) at reasonable prices. Their goal is to give you a reason for you to come back again. Famous for their "cooking on the stone" approach

Day 6 Highlights


Picture of Miradouro do Veu da Noiva

Miradouro do Veu da Noiva

Véu da Noiva Waterfall viewpoint is on the stunning northern coast of Madeira Island in Portugal. It’s just a 41km drive taking 40 minutes from Funchal, which is the main town of the island. It is also known as Miradouro Véu da Noiva, which is a Portuguese translation and directly translates in English to the Bridal Veil Waterfall.

Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools

Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools

The natural pools of Porto Moniz are the highlight of the village of Porto Moniz. The natural salt water swimming pools are made up of volcanic rock, into which the sea flows naturally. This space, with a surface area of 3800 m², has also a children's swimming pool, a children's play area and disabled access.

Cabo Girao

Cabo Girao

Cabo Girão is a lofty sea cliff located along the southern coast of the island of Madeira, in the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira. Cabo Girão is a popular lookout point, with up to 1800 visitors a day. The location is also a popular starting point for hikers.

Picture of Blandy's Wine Lodge Tour

Blandy's Wine Lodge Tour

A visit to Blandy's Wine Lodge will allow you to explore 200 years of Madeira wine history. Nowadays, it is the heart of the family's wine business where over 650 barrels and vats are stored, aging the finest of the family's wines in the traditional “canteiro” method.

Day 7 Highlights


Digital Nomad Village

Digital Nomad Village

Utopia for remote workers, welcoming up to 100 people at any one time at its base in Ponta do Sol, a short drive from the capital, Funchal. Situated on the south coast of the island, the nomad village offers a free working space with a desk and chair at the John do Passos Cultural Centre, access Slack community and free wifi from 8 am to 10 pm daily.

Praia de Machico

Praia de Machico

Praia de Machico is a beach located near the town Machico, on the island of Madeira, Portugal. It is one of the few sandy beaches of Madeira, with sand imported from North Africa.

Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Using specific approach techniques and relying on the dolphin’s amazing intelligence and inherent interest in humans, you will now be able to experience an in-water dolphin experience.

Restaurante Mozart

Restaurante Mozart

Offers you a symphony for your taste buds. Their menu, which draws on the best of both local traditions and other European cuisines, has paired most dishes with names of composers. You can start with the Beethoven (octopus carpaccio) and then have the Tchaikovsky (duck breast with citrus sauce) for your main course. Why not throw in a Gershwin (passion fruit soufflé with ice cream) for dessert?

Day 8 Highlights


Monte Palace Tropical Garden

Monte Palace Tropical Garden

Houses huge exotic plant’s collection, coming from all over the world, together with swans and ducks, that populates the central lake, peacocks and chickens, that walk free in the main areas of the property. In the central lake, the visitor may also admire the beauty and majesty of the swans. They prefer the relatively shallow cool water of lakes and ponds as their natural habitat. Despite being actually admired in gardens all over the world, the black swans originate from Australia, Tasmania, and New Zeeland and the wild white swans have their origin in Iceland and Scandinavia.