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There are hundreds of apps that claim to be travel planners. So why are we still using spreadsheets and enduring long email threads to coordinate?

It's because there are no solutions that adequately address the group coordination challenges. That's why Levantr was created with the focus on helping you coordinate better with your friends. Instead of going mobile-only, we decided to start with a web application because you use a laptop when you're trying to organize your ideas & collaborate with a group. We custom-designed the surveys with questions that you ask most often during the planning: When should we go on this vacation? What do you guys wanna do on this trip?

W H A T E L S E ?

Split-screen view to minimize tab switching

Splitscreen view to minimize tab switching

Drag and drop so you only have to work once

Levantr's drag & drop functionality

Notes to communicate important information to your crew

Adding notes to your itinerary



We have a lot more coming.

If you have any suggestions or questions, you can reach out to us anytime!