Levantr was built during the pandemic and our team is 100% remote. We are committed to building a global team of employees, freelancers, and partners just as we are committed to changing how people travel.

Levantr's Founders

Jen Hong - Founder & CEO

Jen Hong


Jen is a GTM and CX specialist with over 9 years of strategy experience across financial services, fintech, health tech, and consumer tech (Uber). She has helped enterprises and startups launch new products and scale their operations efficiently. Combined with her nonprofit leadership experience, she is well-versed in growth hacking, branding, and operational discipline.

Kyle Cannon - Cofounder & CTO

Kyle Cannon


Kyle is a senior full-stack engineer at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center with a degree in project management and has experience running his own tour company which focused on delivering backpacking-styled tours to Europe and Kilimanjaro. He is experienced in both web and mobile development with a solid understanding of SEO.

Levantr's Team of Freelancers

Josh - Head of Design

Josh Sowter

UI/UX Designer

Josh is a freelance designer with 16 years of experience. He designed Levantr with his minimalistic framework and set the tone for our branding.

Veronica Mikael  - Social Media Manager

Veronica Mikael

Social Media Management

Veronica runs Trendgram Marketing agency and managed Levantr's Instagram account from day 1.

Victoria Tamayo - EA
Tiffany Jao - EA and Content Creator

Victoria Tamayo

Tiffany Jao

Assistant & Content Creator

Victoria and Tiffany are our talented content creators who put together all of the itineraries for our users who are looking for inspirations.

What does 'Levantr' mean?

Levantr was inspired by The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Levanter is a powerful wind in the Mediterranean, which symbolizes the powerful impact that the internal transformation within one individual could have on the world.

Just like the wind, Levantr embodies the belief that you cannot achieve your full potential unless you are willing to go on journeys to unknown places. Those journeys matter more than the destinations. 

Our mission is to inspire people to travel farther, explore the unknown, and grow from the experiences with old and new friends along the way.